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I believe in taking an individual approach when exercising the body or even the mind. Therefore, I will have some sample classes for you on my website focusing on opening up different areas of the body. However, I would like you to contact me and tell me about you, your goals, your current health status,  and your physical strenght in order for me to be able to provide you with a more focused yoga lesson which benefit you and fulfil your individual goals. As you have learned by now about me, yoga of mind, breathing correctly, focusing, having a calm mind and mental joy are all very essential part of my yoga practice. Therefore, I will be providing you with some tools to be able to make the physical and mental yoga part of your day to day life.

My tutorials and lessons will be available on my website from November 2020 onwards. I look forward to making a lot of friends on this beautiful journey of love, peace and joy.

The world is like a mirror displaying Love’s perfection. Oh friends! Who has ever seen a part greater than its whole? (Diwan-I Shams-i-Tabrizi, Ghazal 2389, Translation by William C. Chittick)

چون آینه است عالم نقش کمال عشق است  ای مردمان کی دیده است جزوی ز کل زیاده

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